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Join a Shank's Mare guide to try your hand at disc golf followed by a hearty hot lunch back at the shop.

Cost: $ 35.00
Make sure you know enough to buy your second kayak or SUP the first time!

Learn about this fun outdoor activity that anyone can play!

Cost: $ FREE
Before the season begins, learn what you should know to have a safe and fun adventure on the water.

Cost: $ FREE
New Ideas for easier handling and transporting your kayaks & SUP's.

Cost: $ FREE
Hike the trail of troop movements as the come to Wrightsville and the famous Susquehanna River bridge burning.

Cost: $ 37.00
Leash your furry friend and head to Shank's Mare for a guided hike on the Mason-Dixon Trail.

Cost: $ 25.00
Hike to and head underground into a tectonic cave with lunch to follow.

Cost: $ 45.00