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  2092 Long Level Road Wrightsville, PA  17368

Dine & Learn

Susquehanna Stories

Shank’s Mare’s Dining & Learning programs feature guest speakers offering a range of subjects mostly geared to the Susquehanna River’s ecological features, historic places, cultural features, and the interesting people who have made their homes here for centuries. The programs begin with a delicious dinner in The Rookery, followed by the presentation during dessert and coffee. Reserve a table for friends or family, or come on your own. There’s always something interesting to hear during our Dining and Learning series as we unfold the wealth of Susquehanna Stories. All programs require Pre-Registration and Pre-Payment. To register online simply click on the program title or register by phone at

Our Theme for 2018 – “Myths, Mysteries & Revelations on the Susquehanna”

Shank’s Mare is pleased to present our Dining & Learning Series for the 2018 fall and winter season. Our guest speakers will present interesting and varied stories about the important role the Susquehanna served in the folklore of our region...fables, mysteries, interesting characters, and events. The Dining & Learning Series takes place in Shank’s Mare’s banquet room, The Rookery, and includes a delicious dinner with the program presented over dessert and coffee. BYOB is welcome. Reservations are required.

Ghosts of the Rivertowns

Guest Speaker – Rick Fisher
Friday, October 12, 2018, 6pm

Local author Rick Fisher has harbored a life-long interest in the ghosts of the area.  His book "Gosts of the Rivertowns" describes dozens of paranormal sightings and stories.  Join Rick as he shares those stories including that of a long-ago maid seen still tending her duties, a ghost dog, tales from haunted dungeons and much more.  You will understand why we are proclaimed as one of the most haunted areas on the Susquehanna River!

Program fee – includes presentation and dinner – $40/Person
(BYOB permissible to enjoy with meal).

The "Da Vinci Code" Hiding in the Susquehanna Region

Guest Speaker – Michael Wann
Fri., October 19, 2018, 6:00pm

The location of modern-day Wrightsville, PA was encoded in the John Smith Map of Virginia (1612) by none other than Sir Francis Bacon:  Father of the scientific method, driving force behind the New World colonization scheme, final editor of the King James Bible and leader of the mysterious Rosicrucian Order.  Come join Michael Wann of Susquehanna Alchemy as he exposes the real-life da Vinci Code hiding in South Central PA.  This program is sure to mystify you!  Enjoy Michael's program following a delicious dinner in The Rookery.

Program fee – includes presentation and dinner – $40/Person
(BYOB permissible to enjoy with meal).

The Legend of the Albatwitch and More

Guest Speaker – Christopher Vera
Fri., November 9, 2018, 6:00pm

Local legends in the area of Columbia, PA speak of a creature called an "albatwitch".  The albatwitch is a small (about 4 feet tall), manlike creature that supposedly lives in wooded areas.  Their main area of residence seems to be near Chickies Rock, a heavily wooded swath along the banks of the Susquehanna about a mile or two north of Columbia.  Albatwitches have also been reported from other wooded areas all along the river's shore.  Hear more about this legend and related mysteries presented by Christopher Vera from the Columbia Historic Preservation Society.  Chris's presentation follows a delicious meal in The Rookery as you enjoy coffee and dessert.

Program fee – includes presentation and dinner – $40/Person
(BYOB permissible to enjoy with meal).

Faces, Faces Everywhere...The Eerie Faces of the Susquehanna

Guest Speaker – Stephen Pidcock
Fri., November 16, 2018, 6:00pm

Shank's Mare welcomes photographer Stephen Pidcock as he brings the many faces of the Susquehanna to life with his collection of landscape reflections.  When viewed vertically at a slightly different perspective, they reveal a slew of rock "faces" reflected in the waters of the Susquehanna.  Sometimes eerie or humorous, sometimes forlorn, it is a joy to reflect on each unique face and mood of the river.  Steve will tell us about his faces and how he captures each look as he paddles the Susquehanna River and finds the inspiration for his work.  Come in and check out Steve's Faces of the Susquehanna posters on sale at Shank's Mare for a glimpse of what is in store for you at this presentation.  Enjoy dinner in The Rookery and then Steve's fascinating glimpse into his unique art.

Program fee – includes presentation and dinner – $40/Person
(BYOB permissible to enjoy with meal).

Murder Mysteries from the Civil War Years

Guest Speaker – Scott Mingus, Sr.
Fri., December 7, 2018, 6:00pm

Come join author Scott Mingus as he discusses several Civil War murder mysteries in York County including the Confederate soldier from Louisiana who was "murdered by the citizens of York County, PA" near Big Mount.  Other topics include a Union courier carrying important military dispatches who was killed by a nervous farmer at Brodbecks, the dead Union soldier whose body was discovered in a picnic grove near Emigsville, and the Confederate black servant/horse thief killed by a band of angry Warrington Township men.  A delicious dinner in The Rookery precedes Scott's fascination presentation on this mysterious Civil War history.

Program fee – includes presentation and dinner – $40/Person
(BYOB permissible to enjoy with meal).

Revelations of the Susquehanna during The Philadelphia Campaign

Guest Speaker – Stephen Runkle
Fri. December 14, 2018, 6:00pm

Welcome back Steve Runkle as he presents another chapter in the fascinating history around the Susquehanna River.  This presentation covers the 1777-78 period during the American Revolution when the Susquehanna played an important role in protecting our foundling Continental Congress.  Meet key characters including the Howe brothers, George Washington, a young deLafayette, Anthony Wayne, Molly Pitcher and more.  Steve's presentation follows a delicious dinner in The Rookery as you enjoy coffee and dessert.

Program fee – includes presentation and dinner – $40/Person
(BYOB permissible to enjoy with meal).