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Know-How Clinic Series

When we can once again schedule these programs safely, we will post a schedule.  

Shank’s Mare has been in the outdoor business for over 40 years, and it has been our privilege to introduce thousands of folks to our favorite outdoor adventures. Our mission is to educate participants on safety, skills, and stewardship. Shank’s Mare’s clinic program offers information that will ensure an enjoyable and safe experience in the outdoors.

How to Get Started in Disc Golf

With plenty of disc golf courses in both York and Lancaster counties, your opportunities abound to enjoy this fun outdoor activity.  We’ll give you the rules and regulations, tips on techniques, and putting together your first set of discs.  You won’t believe how much engineering goes into the discs used to play this ever growing outdoor sport!  You can get some good know-how in this clinic, and then check out our “Hike & Hot Lunch – Taste of Disc Golf” programs scheduled for February & March. 
Free clinic, but please pre-register.

How to Buy Your First Kayak or SUP

We always say buying your first kayak is the toughest. This clinic will educate you in what you should know to make a good purchase.  We’ll cover analyzing where and what type of paddling you anticipate doing and what kayaks or SUP’s will handle those conditions the best. Remember, just because your buddy loves his or her boat, doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you.  And, not all kayaks and SUP’s are created equal, so we’ll give you tips on what to look for in materials and design. All in all, our goal is to make sure you buy your second kayak the first time!
Free clinic, but please pre-register.

Outfitting You and Your Gear for Cool Weather Paddling

Join us for this on-land safety clinic geared to all paddlers.  Learn about properly outfitting your kayak or board, trip planning and preparation, and weather and water conditions. When paddling in early spring, it is important to be properly outfitted with both your gear and your clothing. Learn about drysuits, wetsuits, appropriate layers and fabrics, and how to be sure your kayak/SUP and you are geared up for the conditions. 
Free clinic, but please pre-register.

Loading, Securing & Hauling Your Paddlesports Gear – New Ideas for Easier Handling

At Shank’s Mare, we often get requests for lighter kayaks for easier loading. Actually, it’s far easier to look at load assist options than trying to trim weight off of gear that can only get so light.  This clinic begins with racking your vehicle for any number of kayaks or SUP’s.  Then, we’ll give you tips on load assist options and securing your load for transport. We’ll also cover trailers and your options available with them. This clinic will provide you loading options and the safest methods to haul and protect your vehicle and gear.
Free clinic, but please pre-register.